Wunderkind (Gifted Students)

Whole Brain Method for Gifted Students (Wunderkind)

Wunderkind (Gifted Students) Education in Whole Brain

It is known that approximately 5 percent of the population of a community is made up of
gifted and mentally deficient people. Half of this includes the gifted and talented people. Yet,
until now no due importance has been given to the education of gifted and talented people in
our country. But recently this negligence has started to change with the foundation of
independent special education centers which specially serve
to gifted students in pre-school, primary, and high school period in order to make them
aware of their individual skills and use their full capacity by improving it without
interrupting their formal education. These entirely new centers are facing a lot of problems,
however. One of the major problems is the lack of exemplary activities to enable students to
use and improve their potentials effectively.

Whole Brain Method provides comprrehensive approach for gifted students with its 13 modules.


13 Modules

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