Whole Brain Method: Writing Development Module


Aim of the program is to first write accurately, then elegantly, last fast, elegant and accurate. Student is investigated thoroughly in the first step upon prose and handwriting specified in the molds and the methods and application techniques to be used to achieve the aim are determined.

It is not only a program, a doping so to speak which develops only the writing skills of the student but also the drawing skills, command on the paper, handicrafts, command on the pen / brush. Handwriting is an essential element for many students. Apart from being successful in education; having a writing which is fluent, readable, self-expressive and eligible to establish communication will raise a serious awareness for the student. Writing problem also seriously harms the self-expression skill and the ability to make one’s presence known. The problems of these students with slow writing and low control skills will become more apparent and will come back to them as a serious problem. Since the students with low writing rate will face problems arising from being slow in terms of transferring the lectures given in the class and the parts that need to be noted to the notebook compared to peers, they will be at a disadvantage in terms of remembering and disclosing the subjects learned.

MAGNETIC MAZE: Is an activity performed to develop the hand-eye coordination of the students. It is defined as the ability to coordinate hand gestures and eye movements together to complete the hand-eye coordination.

PAINT GUEST: Paint Guest is a board activity. In this activity, it is aimed to develop student’s gross motor muscles along with the hand-eye coordination and to strengthen wrist and arm muscles.

WALKING FINGERS: Walking Fingers activity is an activity that develops student’s hand-eye coordination as well as the thin muscles on the hand. Two different materials are used in Walking Fingers activity. One of these are therapeutic hand dough. Therapeutic hand doughs are the ones that have different special colors produced in a three different hardness scale for the thin hand muscles to develop and strengthen. The other material is the handwriting development pen. It is a specially designed pen that has a special vibration motor for the handwriting development pen and vibrates on the student’s hand while writing and strengthens the writing or the drawing process.

CROP CIRCLES: Crop Circles is an activity that develops student’s ability to distinguish images from one another. We can define visual decomposition as the ability to recognize the similarities and the differences visually. Visual decomposition is an ability that is essential for matching education, distinguishing letters in writing and reading, learning mathematical symbols, recognizing the details of the visual materials. Crop Circles activities consist of 40 activities that progress from easy to difficult. Students complete 2 activities in each session.

As the program that is used in 30 countries by 6.000.000 people upskills faster visual tracking and concentration ability, it also improves the visual memory. Writing development program consists of 20 sessions for 10 weeks in total. Students participate in the program for 1 sessions in a 2 different day per week. Program content consists of 6 different activities. Each activity takes an average of 10 minutes.



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