Student Profile

Whole Brain Method Student Profile



Student Profile of Our Study,


First Cluster


Attention Deficit,


Learning Disability,

Student Intended for an Increase in the School Success,




Literacy Skill Improvement Desired Student,

Intellectually Gifted Student or Student with Special Talent,

Autistic Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis,

Aphasia, Paraphrasia,

Social Communication Disorder


Consists of individuals of 3-21 age range who need training and development on their subject and individuals whose parents have become conscious on the field by experiencing over time or individuals who have become conscious early thanks to their investigative and scrutinizing nature. Since it is proven scientifically that the holistic approach whose implementation can be carried out only by the staff with the highest level of expertise and experience on the field is the method with the highest success rate on the face of earth.


Second Cluster


It is the second cluster which consists of individuals who want to increase their quality of living, individuals thought to have problems regarding attention even though they have not received any diagnosis and individuals intended to increase academic performance, individuals who want to improve their cognitive skills and individuals who wants to come up with a solution on issues such as concentration, reading, writing, speaking, behavior disorders, memory, amnesia.

Whole Brain Method contains one-to-one special trainings, practices and group trainings that are scheduled privately for the students to utilize their potential at the maximum level.

Whole Brain Method provides diversified practices and trainings to carry the individual through positive development and to a complete and permanent result.

These practices,

increase the attention span of the students.

Improves the literacy skills and the learning ability.

Practices enable to eliminate the motor speech disorders,

Improve problem solving-posing ability,

Improve self-confidence,

Motivation increment,

Making a progress in academic success,

Enables improvement in cognitive skills, gross and fine motor skills,

Psychological development, behavioral development, social communication.

The program produces a positive result after a 4-7-week period and the continuation of the program is also provided within our constitution.

Within the scope of the Whole Brain Method which contains 13 different modules, participants are subjected to a process that also includes ergotherapy in certain modules.   Ergotherapy (occupational therapy) is a field that needs to be approached with a broad perspective and thus ergotherapy must be considered when the education process is being completely planned. Different modules being able to be applied as integrated simultaneously, being able to keep the observation fields of the specified experts wide by this way and these experts working coordinately with close contact is of great importance.

Operational logic of the method can be summarized as such: Progress in the student is spotted in certain aspects in cases where even if only one variable in the student’s life that causes distress can be reversed into positive. If you reverse many variables in student’s life into positive, naturally a great and notable progress will be spotted in the student. If, the family and the school proceeds integratedly when most of the variables are reversed into positive with the 13 modules within the Whole Brain Method, desired permanent progress of the student will be seen.

The Process within the “Whole Brain Method” consisting of 13 Modules, actualizes respectively as, Analysis, Module Selection, Implementation and Training Phases.





13 Modules

Start to Improve the Brains


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