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It presents solution creative approaches for the individual with a student identity to organize the school life and the other aspects of life. It increases the awareness in student’s inner world. Apart from the success in lectures and school, it assists in success in life and guides the way. It helps to push yourself to a better position by developing new points of view.

As a result of the evaluations carried out within Student Coaching Module, as the program can remain limited to only gaining the habit of studying and tracking work order and system, according to student’s needs, it can be monitored by shadow teaching in its most intensive form where it is in a constant state.

It is the method which provides support for the students to know themselves, discover their strengths and abilities, set goals and determine a road map and an action plan towards bring able to use their resources better.

Through Coaching Mentorship System Programs where how to study efficiently is taught, it is aimed to teach the individual how to study and to adopt study habits. In recent years, it gets quite difficult to keep the students in their desks due to technology and distractors. Planning is made with Coaching Mentorship System for training individuals who can work in a desk job and be happy with their lives while doing this.

It aims for the student to choose goals that suits them, learn how to study effectively, use the time with choosing their priorities, reveal and use their strength, establish the right communication and to improve their self-esteem.

Each individual wants to accomplish their goals as to being successful. It takes setting clear, explicit and achievable goals, focusing on the goals set and be determined to accomplish the goals to be successful. It is difficult to be successful without setting a goal.

It is a privilege to have set your goal. Life becomes meaningful. It is not an easy job to set a goal. The fogs that overwhelms you will be cleared once you set your goal. The rest is taking a walk in a path glitteringly illuminated by the sun.



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