Whole Brain Method: Mandala Module


Generally, it is monitored along with the Writing Development Module and with the other attention improving modules. Within the Mandala Module, according to the requirements and levels of the students, basic drawing techniques are taught together with proportion in painting, texture, shade, contour, application techniques, object workshops and perspective workshops. These basic programs are for the development of the children’s three-dimensional perception, manipulative skills and imagination.

Mandala means circle or center. Its origin dates back to India; in the Indian religions, shapes that display meta or micro cosmos in the metaphysics or symbolic sense are called mandala. Mandala is known as a pursuit that eases one’s mind psychologically. Mandala takes the form of different models in children’s education being used as an educational technique. Mandala has 12 natural colors. The number of these colors are increased by the usage of the light and dark tones. There is an object and a color harmony in Mandala and this is one of the most beautiful examples of its appeal to the mind and the soul.

Mandala extends the period that the individual collects attention.
It is discovering your own creativity.
Mandalas are the incorporations of the body, soul and mind.
Mandalas are a cure for the soul.
It is realizing yourself and the truth that surrounds us.
It is learning how to be calm and cool-headed.

With Mandala, teachers gain a better knowledge of students’ inner world and benefit from these characteristics in approaching to the child.
Mandala is dealing easier with your Daily lives and stress. While Mandala exercises are applied 1 day a week at the beginner level, in the intermediate level this period increases up to 2 hours and to 3 hours in the advanced level.

Moreover, Mandala Module is considered to be the process in which the student practices almost every day within the range of 4-7 weeks during the concert sessions within BGP Module.

Art studio must be included into the program to provide the effect of Mandala on concentration and therapy and the positive influence on the writing development of the children within the “Mandala Module” as well as for the students with a talent that is above a certain standard.



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