Whole Brain Method: Family Counseling Module


It gets easier to obtain a complete result when all the wheels in the holistic mechanism of the Whole Brain Method are operating in harmony. The same flow also applies to the relationships between family members. In most instances, it is the module that is usually made obligatory since the family being coordinate with the other elements in the holistic approach is one of the most important requirements. Intensity is determined according to the category of the student’s position and conferences are held where all the family members are all together and it is possible for them to understand each other’s thoughts and express themselves explicitly.

As a result of the studies and the subjective observations conducted, requirements are determined regarding families reaching out to their children, controlling behaviors and families helping their children gain notion and action skills. Parents are responsible for their children in the capacity of an instructor and are the first teachers of their kids. However, they take on this task as the role of a parent. Children learn how to use many abilities and skills owing to their parents. Researches conducted are in the direction of the fact that many children learning the example activities without any assistance are hardly actualized. In cases where parents exactly fulfill their didactic duty, it is observed that child’s period of education has progressed more rapidly and these children become more successful in every field. Family Counseling Module has significant importance within training parents as instructors. The Module aims at upskilling students the behavior and attitude management skills through early response and the skills regarding living independently.



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