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Whole Brain Method – BGP Module

The module that aims to make individuals available to use their potential at the maximum level by organizing their brain activity, focuses on academic success and quality of life. Includes brain growth program that includes a process between the range of 4-7 week, Concert Sessions, Neurofeedback, Edufeedback Practices, Piano Pedagogy, Rhythm Sessions and Attention Enhancing …


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What Is Dyslexia? Reading is complex. It requires our brains to connect letters to sounds, put those sounds in the right order, and pull the words together into sentences and paragraphs we can read and comprehend. People with dyslexia have trouble matching the letters they see on the page with the sounds those letters and …


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Wunderkind (Gifted Students) Education in Whole Brain

It is known that approximately 5 percent of the population of a community is made up of gifted and mentally deficient people. Half of this includes the gifted and talented people. Yet, until now no due importance has been given to the education of gifted and talented people in our country. But recently this negligence …


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Whole Brain Method Student Profile

 .   Student Profile of Our Study,   First Cluster   Attention Deficit, Hyperactivity, Learning Disability, Student Intended for an Increase in the School Success, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Literacy Skill Improvement Desired Student, Intellectually Gifted Student or Student with Special Talent, Autistic Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis, Aphasia, Paraphrasia, Social Communication Disorder   Consists of individuals of …


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Whole Brain Method Intro

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