Whole Brain Method: Academic Support Module


Module consists of the special education teachers hired for all the lessons of the student’s and the one-to-one academic private lessons conducted with teachers who are expert in their fields. A visible success momentum is achieved by providing special education trainings for the lessons of the student’s that are instructed in school. Academic Support Module instill self-esteem to the student through the impetus it lends and supports the goals of the Whole Brain Method on a psychological basis. By this way, while in the holistic approach, mutual psychological studies gain favor in succeeding, academic educational trainings feed psychological / mental vitality.

New density ratio is included into the newly created educational program by determining the necessity level of the School Integration Module and Family Counseling Module maintained with the parent-teacher cooperation and Whole Brain Experts cooperation in accordance with the success ratio of the required achievements at the end of the school year.

Out of the 13 modules, special and different programs for each individual are organized with the modules selected along with the Psychologist Module.



13 Modules

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